Sureguard ScareCrow


 Repel Unwanted Animals & Birds
A Startling Burst of Water that Scares Most Animals & Birds
How it Works
The Sureguard ScareCrow uses a Motion
Sensor to detect the body heat of animals &
birds. Once triggered it deploys a startling
burst of water, combined with unexpected
noise and motion, creating a safe, highly
effective deterrent.
Effective Against
Animals: dogs, cats, possums, deer, foxes,
pigs, wallabies, badgers, kangaroos, squirrels,
wombats, raccoons & more.
Birds: poultry, chickens, ducks, geese,
swans, pelicans, seagulls, parrots, pigeons, magpies, turkeys, brush turkeys & more.
• Solar Powered.
• Works in Sun, Cloud & Shade (see Manual).
• Includes Batteries(3) for Day & Night Operation.
• Two Operating Modes - 24 Hours or Night Only.
• Easy to switch OFF so it won't activate.
• Protects up to 100sq meters (approx).
• Adjustable Sprinkler - Left/Right and Up/Down.
• Burst of Water uses Only 2-3 Cups.
• Dual In-line Protective Water Filters.
• Includes Support Post.

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