Snake repellant 4 pack


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Don't wait to see a snake!®

Use Snake Deterrents to create an avoidance zone

Sureguard Snake Deterrents have been developed to repel many kinds of snakes. They emit a pulsing vibration into the surrounding soil. When the snake perceives the vibration as a source of danger most snakes will choose to avoid confrontation. (Similar principle to bush walkers walking noisily to scare snakes away.)

Snake Facts:

  • Scientists have evidence that snakes can detect the direction of vibration!
  • Vibrations as small as one billionth of a meter can be sensed by some snakes!
  • Snakes hardly hear airborne sounds but are sensitive to vibration.
  • Most snakes choose to avoid danger.

Snake Deterrents:

  • Vibrate to signal danger.
  • Vibrate within the snakes pitch range.

Do Snake Deterrents Really Repel Snakes?

Our customers say they work very well. We encourage you to read the many hundreds of customer reviews at the bottom of this page, both good & bad!

Sureguard are so confident about the performance of our products, we have a special Guarantee (see menu top of page). You may install and try the product. If you are not completely satisfied with the results we'll happily refund your money!

Note: If snakes are disturbed and subsequently moving with a fight-or-flight response, the snake may ignore the repellent action.

Product Features

  • Up to 12 Months operating time from one set of batteries.
  • Works in sun or shade.
  • Works in cloudy weather.
  • Quality design at lowest cost.
  • Low running cost of about 6c per week.
  • Fully rainproof construction.
  • 30m coverage, space at 25m intervals.

Solar Powered Snake Repellent is also available.

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