Childrens saddles 11inch Patterned saddles



Stand out ! with one of these highly original colored Flower pony saddles (with accessories), from  Rainbow Saddles



Great first saddle package with accessories for the beginner ride
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Size - 11 inch saddle
  • For children 0 - 10 years old of average size
  • High quality synthetic pony saddle
  • Adjustable knee pads to fit the child’s size
  • The saddle is so light that a toddler can easily carry it and place it on a pony's back
  • Easy to clean saddle – simply hose or use a wet cloth
  • Adjustable saddle under padding that can be adjusted to fit the pony
  • A monkey grip handle to hold on to (removable once child has outgrown it)
  • To adjust stirrup straps even shorter, simply double over below the buckle  or punch more holes as they are made longer to suit the child as he/she grows.
  • There is a D ring at the back of the saddle for extra attachments like a crupper or saddle bag, etc.
  • Suitable for pony club, Shetlands miniatures and broad pony's.


The saddle comes fully mounted with the following accessories:
  • A matching saddle blanket
  • Special lightweight aluminum non-rusting stirrups with ribbed bar for grip and a safe shape to enable children’s feet to slip out easily
  • Synthetic stirrup straps
  • Black web girth
  • Matching web bridle with reins and simple loose ring snaffle bit
  • The new style bridle will adjust from Shetland to pony size with over 12 inches of adjustment (6 inches on each side)


We have worked with horses all of our lives, and have personally chosen these saddles and worked on the designs over many years to produce a quality, safe product,  for children, at very reasonable prices.

we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback over the years, and am sure you will love them too. Please contact us with any questions, for Buy It Now or discounts.

 The saddle will fit most broad ponies with a lower wither from a 7hh mini to a 18.2hh Clydesdale with girth adjustment or change. See photo. Girth size is standard on this saddle, usually fitting from a 7hh fat miniature to a 13hh slim pony

 SAFETY NOTE: Please ensure that children always wear a safety helmet and smooth sole riding boots which fit loosely in the stirrups, and ride a quiet, trustworthy pony.

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